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Kim Hollingdale

Kim Hollingdale MA is a licensed psychotherapist (MFT88227), trauma informed yoga teacher, and National Association of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer. She specializes in leveraging the connection between body and mind to help smart, seemingly super-successful humans heal the mental and physical health stressors they are often dealing with behind closed doors.

Kim specializes in treating trauma, anxiety, perfectionism, depression, eating disorders, executive stress and burn out, and the often associated chronic conditions of fibromyalgia, IBS, lupus, and others. These specialties share a common factor: they all have a strong physical, as well as mental, component. Kim works with both in each session to provide true, holistic healing.

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My Education

  • PsyD Clinical Psychology (in progress)
    California Southern University – Costa Mesa, California
  • MA Clinical Psychology
    Pepperdine University – Malibu, California
  • BA Hons, English Literature and Media Studies
    University of Sussex – Sussex, England

Who We Work With

We have experience and enjoy working with all sorts of people from highly diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, including: immigrants, LGBTQ, alt-sex, executives, celebrities, and those in the public eye.

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If you’d like to know even more about me, feel free to take a look at my profile on LinkedIn, review my curriculum vitae, or simply call me at (310) 463-7640. You can also use my online calendar to schedule a convenient time to talk with me on the phone.

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